There are two (2) different ways to manage your preference settings in LUNA:

1. From your Settings screen:

  • Login to your account if you’re not already logged in.
  • [Desktop] Select your name from the upper-right of the screen or…
  • [Mobile] Select the “more” link (3 dots) from the upper-right of the screen.
  • A menu will display with a “Settings” link.
  • Select that link to access your personal preferences.
Sample image of the Settings tabs.
Your settings screen is organized into tabbed sections for easy navigation.

2. From the “Chart Menu” panel:

To access your preference settings while viewing a chart, simply click or tap the “Settings” link that displays at the top of the Chart Menu panel. This will open a popup window that will show you all of the preferences listed below on this page. Once you make your changes, simply close the popup and the chart (or charts, if you’re viewing a biwheel) will automatically update to reflect your changes.

The Desktop version of the Chart Menu panel is shown on the left; the right image is from the mobile view where the Chart Menu is collapsed by default and must be opened in order for the Settings link to display.

You can quickly make changes to some of your chart settings by clicking “Calculation Settings” at the top of the Chart Menu. Here you’ll have the ability to update settings depending on your current system preferences. Some options require certain settings to be enabled or be of a specific chart type in order to appear in this panel.

Calculation Settings OptionAvailable
Aspect LinesAll charts
House SystemAll charts
Locus/ParallaxAll charts
Lot CalculationsRequires one or more lot enabled
Planetary NodesRequires one or more planetary node enabled
ZodiacAll charts
Composite Midpoint BaseComposite charts

What can I change?

To learn more about each type of preference available from this screen, please visit the links below:

Updated on May 8, 2024
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