How to See Biwheel Aspects

When viewing two charts in a biwheel layout, LUNA provides several different ways for you to see the aspects both within each chart and between the two charts.

Interactive Focus

The quickest way to see what aspects have been calculated for a specific planet or chart point is to use the Interactive Focus ability in LUNA. Simply click or tap a planet of your choice and LUNA will hide everything in the chart except the aspects that chart point is making.

The solid aspect lines represent aspects the chart point is making within its own chart while the dashed aspect lines are aspects the chart point is making to the other chart.

Interactive Focus Biwheel Example
In this example the Sun is in focus and you can see that it’s making a conjunction with the Moon and Jupiter in the outer wheel along with a sextile to Uranus. The Sun is also making a trine to Mars and square to Saturn in the inner wheel.

Interwheel Aspects DataSheet

If you want to see all of the aspects between the two charts in your layout at once, you can do this from the Interwheel Aspects DataSheet. This screen shows all of the calculated aspects between your charts in a grid layout.


LUNA will show parallel and contra-parallel declinations on this screen if you have them enabled.

Interwheel Aspects DataSheet Example.
In this example, the natal chart point’s are on the x-axis and the transit chart points are on the y-axis, but this can be switched easily.

Chart Point DataCard

DataCards are a great way to view more details about a specific factor in your charts. The Chart Point DataCard can be opened for any planet or chart point and will show all of the aspects that chart point is making both within its own chart and also to chart points in the other chart.

This is similar to Interactive Focus mentioned above, but in the Chart Point DataCard you’re able to view more specific information about each aspect such as the orbs.

Chart Point DataCard Example.
Here is a DataCard for Venus showing additional information about the planet including its aspects within the transit chart and to the natal chart.
Updated on April 15, 2024
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