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Interwheel Aspect DataSheet

The Interwheel Aspects DataSheet provides a grid view that’s similar to an aspectarian. The main difference is that this DataSheet is only for viewing aspects between two (2) charts and does not show aspects within a single chart.

In addition to showing aspects within a biwheel configuration, this grid will also show parallel and contra-parallel declinations if you have them configured to show.

Select this icon from the toolbar to view the Interwheel Aspects DataSheet for the current biwheel.

Orientation 1: Inner Wheel Horizontal & Outer Wheel Vertical

This is the default view when you first open the Interwheel Aspects DataSheet.

  1. The innermost wheel’s chart points are showing horizontally in the grid.
  2. The outermost wheel’s chart points are showing vertically in the grid.

You can hover over the squares with your mouse (tap on mobile) to highlight one.

Orientation 2: Inner Wheel Vertical & Outer Wheel Horizontal

You can switch the orientation of the grid by selecting the other chart. In this example, that’s the “Transits” chart.

  1. Now the innermost wheel’s chart points are showing vertically in the grid.
  2. The outermost wheel’s chart points are now showing horizontally in the grid.

Scrollable Grid

When viewing this DataSheet on your mobile device, it’s likely the grid won’t fit on your screen. You can easily scroll the grid left/right and up/down to view the other chart points.

In this example, the grid has been scrolled to the right and down in order to see the Chiron-Neptune opposition between these two (2) charts.


The grid is scrollable on all devices, even laptops and desktop computers, whenever the number of chart points exceeds the space available on your screen.

Updated on August 3, 2023
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