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Secondary Progressed Charts

In the Auxiliary Charts panel, select the Secondary Progressed option to instantly cast a Secondary Progressed (SP) chart for the radix. By default, LUNA will calculate the SP chart for the current time and the radix location. You can easily change this once the chart is cast by using the Spacetime Navigator panel.


LUNA calculates the angles and house cusps of secondary progressions according to Solar Arc Longitude. This means once the progressed Sun is calculated, the same progression value is applied to the Midheaven. In turn, the remaining angles and house cusps are calculated based on this progressed MC value.

Using the Spacetime Navigator when viewing a Secondary Progressed chart will animate the SP chart. If you’re viewing a biwheel of Transits + SP, the Spacetime Navigator will animate both charts appropriately.

  • To close the SP chart, select the Return to Natal Chart option from the info panel (highlighted above).
  • To save the current SP chart, select the Save option (highlighted above).

When viewing the radix chart, any of your previously saved SP charts are available from the Saved Charts button. You can save as many SP charts as you like; they will appear in this menu in chronological order (highlighted above).

Select the trash icon to delete a previously saved SP chart (highlighted above). LUNA will ask you to confirm the delete operation which will also delete any associated chart notes you may have saved with it.

Updated on August 4, 2023

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