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Asteroid Catalog DataSheet

The Asteroid Catalog DataSheet is accessible from the Chart Point DataSheet. When navigating to the Chart Point DataSheet, you will see a tab for “Selections” and “Asteroid Catalog”. Select “Asteroid Catalog” to bring up the screen shown below which allows you to search for any of the supported minor bodies from the catalog by name or catalog number.


Although all of these minor bodies are called asteroids, some of them are actually dwarf planets and centaurs. For instance, Eris can be found in LUNA’s Asteroid Catalog even though it’s considered a dwarf planet astronomically.


Here’s an example showing an asteroid lookup for the minor body entitled “Merlin”:

Asteroid catalog lookup screen.

Once added, you’ll see this asteroid appear in all of the same places as any other chart point supported by LUNA.

Here is Astraea showing in the Chart Point DataSheet:

Chart Point DataSheet showing the selected asteroid.

Here is Astraea on the chart itself, with aspects calculated to and from it:

Dane Rudhyar's natal chart with the asteroid Astraea caclulated.

Asteroid Glyphs

LUNA currently uses a generic glyph symbol to represent any of the asteroids you add to your charts. You can use Interactive Focus to see the name by clicking or tapping on the symbol.

There are a few minor bodies that have glyph symbols (Eris being one example). In those cases, you will see the appropriate glyph instead of the generic one. LUNA is constantly adding new glyph artwork to the database. So don’t be surprised if some of the more popular asteroids have a specific glyph symbol associated with them.

Updated on February 16, 2024
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