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Integrated Event Browsing

LUNA makes it easy to find specific astrological events such as aspects, zodiac sign changes and direction changes. In addition to searching specifically for these events by using the Ephemeris Search, you can also navigate to these events from within a Chart Point DataCard or the Apects DataSheet.

Chart Point DataCard

Here’s an example of Venus’ DataCard from a transit chart. Notice the Event Navigator boxes which provide controls for quickly finding the previous or next time Venus makes a zodiac sign ingress, or the previous or next direction change.

Chart Point DataCard for transiting Venus.
The Event Navigator section is collapsed by default; click or tap to expand it and reveal the navigation controls.

By default, no dates are calculated. Simply select one of the arrows from either navigation box to calculate the exact date and time when the chart point reaches the desired event. In the image below, we are showing when Venus most recently entered Leo and when it next goes direct.

You can continue to select the previous and next arrows to navigate each successive event for the chart point. You can also select the date and time link which will cast the chart for that specific date and time, allowing you to view the event in more detail.


Note that the date and time shown are based on your home location which is defined in your settings.

DataCard Differences

Not all chart points change directions. For instance, the Sun and Moon never go retrograde, so the Event Navigator for these chart points will only show the Zodiac Sign Transit box.

Furthermore, there are some minor bodies such as asteroids and centaurs which are not currently supported by the Event Navigator. The DataCards for these chart points will simply not show the Event Navigator at all.

An example of the Sun’s DataCard showing only the Zodiac Sign Transit box in the Event Navigator.

Cropped image of a Chart Point DataCard for the Sun.

An example of Mercury’s North Node DataCard which doesn’t show the Event Navigator intentionally as calculations for this chart point are not currently supported in LUNA.

Aspect DataSheet

When viewing a table listing of aspects such as on the Aspect DataSheet, LUNA provides a column to indicate when the aspect perfects. The date and time of this perfected aspect is based on your home location setting. Select the link to cast the chart for that exact moment.

List of aspects in a table format.


The time of perfection is only shown for aspects related to a transit chart, and only for supported chart points. Most of the minor bodies such as asteroids and centaurs are not supported by the event calculation system at this time.

Supported Chart Points

All of the major planets, major asteroids and Lunar Nodes are supported for event calculations.

Updated on February 17, 2024
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